Slow Mo


Slow Mo


A wallet




Start out with 4-6. Have the first scout be pretending to watch tv. 1st scout say somthing like this "wow this looks interesting." then "wow what was that about? Let's watch that again" pretend to hit rewind button. next 3-5 scouts come out. 2nd scout starts from one side of the stage while the rest start from the other. 2nd scout starts walking toward other scouts while they walk towards him. Just keep walking without touching each other to the opposite side you started on. 1st scout says, "ok, lets put that in slow motion.(hits button). next 3-5 scouts do the same thing again but this tike they put both their hands somewhere on the scout 2 while he totally ignores it. then continue to the other side. Scout one says, "A little slower?" This time the others do the same thing but all of the scouts grab scout 2 obviously and then let him go and keep walking. Scout 1 says, "WOW! lets see if we can go slower!" This time they do the same thing but all the scouts pick up scout 2, shake him upside down twist him in circles, while one of them graps a wallet out of scout 2's pocket and says "IIII GOOOOT IIIIIITTT!" in slow motion. (everything should be in slow motion) scout one turns off the tv, scouts from the tv exit the stage, and scout 1 says, "wow!that was amazing! i cant believe the guy that got mugged didnt notice a thing! These thugs keep getting faster and faster! He exits the stage and it is over.




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