Sleeping Pirate

Sleeping Pirate

Sleeping Pirate


A couple blocks of wood.


Blindfold one person to be the sleeping pirate. They will lie down in the middle of the area with the blocks at their feet. All of the players will try to take the treasure from the pirate. If the pirate hears somebody and points at them, then they must go back to the beginning. They only have two tries before they are out. If a person gets a block, they must get back to the starting area, without getting pointed at by the pirate. If he catches the thief, the block must be returned, and the person is out. If there is a large group playing, use two pirates back to back and have more blocks.


Only one block can be captured at a time.


Ten points for each piece of treasure captured.

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Sleeping Pirate

Sleeping Pirate


Zack Z15


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