Sleeping Bag Prank


Sleeping Bag Prank


 <br>sleeping bag 4 people 2 pillows


 <br>2 people in there sleeping bag others off stage


 <br>there are 2 people in two seperate sleaping bags sleeping, then the two people off stage come on stage and beat up one person.then the bad guys leave, and the person that get's beat up wakes up and wakes up the other person and says he's been beat up.then the kid that didnt get beat up tells the other person it was a figment of his imagination and to go back to they go to sleep the the 2 kids come back and beat up the same person and leave,then the kid that got beat up wakes up the other person and tells the kid he just got beat up and the other person say's if it will make you feal beter we will switch spots,so they switch spots and go back to sleep.then the two bad kid come back and say this kids had enough lets beat the otherone up. the end


Ferdinand Tretter


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