Speeding Car



POLICEMAN 1: Young lady, you were speeding. I need your driver's licence.

WOMAN: What licence?

POLICEMAN 1: OK... What about your vehicle registration?

WOMAN: Oh, this isn't my car. I killed the owner, chopped him up and stored the pieces in little bags in the boot.

(Policeman 1 backs away and calls up the second policeman. Policeman 2 confronts the woman.)

POLICEMAN 2: May I see your licence and vehicle registration?

WOMAN: Sure.

(woman hands over the two cards)

POLICEMAN 2: Right... Well, my colleague says you killed a man, chopped him up and stored the pieces in little bags in the boot of the car.

WOMAN: Balderdash. Check it for yourself.

(Policeman 1 opens the boot of the car and closes it again after a second.)

POLICEMAN 1: It's empty.

WOMAN (to policeman 2): I bet that liar told you I was speeding too!!


fake car, fake walkie talkie, two cards, one represents the licence and the other represents the vehicle registration.


The woman is driving in the car. The policemen are in a hiding spot and the one with the walkie talkie comes and pulls the woman over.

Skit ContributorToby Watts


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