+Host: Sam
+2 Friends: Billy
+Pizza Boy

[In lighthouse]
Host: "Hello everybody. My name is Sam, and this is my lighthouse [Waves arms
to show his lighthouse], and this [waves arms again] is my spiral staircase.
I'm gonna go upstairs to check on my light." [Starts "climbing" stairs]
Doctor: [Makes phone ringing sound]
Host: "Oh, that must be the phone ringing" [Climbs back downstairs, picks up
phone] "Hello? Hello? HELLO? Awww man, must've missed it. [Climbs back up
Doctor: [Makes phone ringing sound]
Host: "Oh, that must be the phone ringing again" [Climbs back downstairs, picks up
phone] "Hello? Yup, yup, okay...see ya then." [Hangs up] "I have two friends
coming over..."[Climbs back up stairs]
2 Friends: [Make doorbell sound]
Host: "That must be them..."[Climbs back downstairs, opens door, greets friends]
"Come on guys...let's go up stairs to check on my light"
Host+2 friends: [climb up stairs]
Pizza Boy: [Rings doorbell]Host+Friends: "Must be the pizza" [Climb back down stairs. Open door, greet
pizza boy climb back up stairs]
Host: "Just let me check on my light...then we can eat..."[checks on light]
Jimmy: [Faints]
Host: "OH MY GOD!!! JIMMY JUST FAINTED!!! NOOOOO!!! Billy, go call 9-1-1!!!"
[Continues to cry over jimmy while Billy calls 9-1-1]
Billy: [Climbs all the way downstairs, picks up phone] "Oh no!" [climbs back up]
"Sam! Sam! I forgot...what's the number for 9-1-1?"
Host: "9-1-1 YOU IDIOT! Now hurry up"
Billy: [Climbs back down stairs, calls 9-1-1] "Hurry, hurry, we need a doctor.
My friend fainted....I think he might be dead!...The Lighthouse...okay...
thank you...[Hangs up, climbs back up stairs]"The doctor is on his way"
Doctor:[Rings doorbell]
Host+Billy: "That must be the doctor" [Climb down stairs, open door, greet doctor]
Host+Billy+Doctor: [Climb up stairs to where friend is, kneel down beside him]
Doctor: "Yup, he has to go to the hospital..."
Host+Billy: [Pick up Jimmy and carry him downstairs, doctor follows]
Host: "Go through the door on the right..."
Billy: "What's the door on the left?"
Host: "It's the elevator..."



Skit ContributorSam Vickars


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