New York Crimes



(Have one person stand in middle of stage. Have 4 others be a jogger, a student, a video gamer, and the bad guy, but don't look like it!)
*Jogger runs by and hits middle person* "Sorry!"
*Student is reading book and bumps into person* "Sorry! Just studying for a Math test!"
*Video gamer is playing and bumps into person* "Sorry, just got to finish this level then.." *continues to babble until off stage*
*Bad guy is walking, then runs as they pass the person*
Narrator: "Wait, did anyone see the crime? Ok...rewind..." *People go backwards doing their parts*
Narr.: "Now, slow motion..."
*People do parts in slow motion, except bad guy, who picks up the person, "shakes them" grabs stuff, and runs.*
Narr.: Now did you see it? *Yells to off stage* "Police! Police!"


Something small to hide up a sleeve
6 scouts


Might have to practice picking people up, and walking slow motion.

Skit ContributorCrispin Dosomed


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