3 scouts are sinking and they call the coast guard. One of the sinkers says, "HELP US! WE ARE SINKING!!!" the german coast guard responds,"WHAR ARE YOU ZINKING ABOUT???" One other sinker says, "DUDE, WE ARE SINKING!!!" the german responds, "WHAT ARE YOU ZINKING ABOUT???" then the 3rd sinker says,"DO YOU GET IT!!! WE ARE SINKING!" the german finally responds,"OK WE ARE GOING TO YOU TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU ARE ZINKING ABOUT." then the 3 sinkers say,"OH NO!!!"


4 scouts
2 communicators


3 of the scouts are sinkers.
The other scout is a german coast guard with a german accent.
All 4 of the scouts talk through the communicators.

Skit Contributorwebb schwartz


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