Halloween Run On



Twas the night before Halloween (Trick or Treat) and all through the NIGHT (DARK, DARK, DARK). Not a Cub Scout stirred (tent hut), not even a mouse (squeak, squeak, squeak). The witches (he, he, he) were tuning their brooms (sweep, sweep, sweep) for the big night (DARK, DARK, DARK) out. The witches (he, he, he) brew was boiling (hot, hot, hot) in the pot. The Cub Scouts (tent hut) were dreaming (camping, BB guns, bow and arrows). Oh, what a night (DARK, DARK, DARK), all the candy (yum, yum) they were going to eat. The witches (he, he, he) had plans to steal (call the police, call the police) the candy (Yum, Yum). The Cub Scouts (tent hut) were smart (Big Brain, Big Brain) and knew not to go to Halloween (Trick or Treat) without their parents (Moms – stay out of the road and Dads – save me the chocolate).
All went well on Halloween (Trick or Treat) night (Dark, Dark, Dark). The Cub Scout (tent hut) had listed to their parent (Moms – stay out of the road and Dads – save me the chocolate).




Give copy of word sheet to scouts.
When the word is said on the left side, the scouts say the word on the right side.
Halloween Trick or Treat
Night Dark, Dark, Dark
Cub Scout Tent Hut
Mouse squeak, squeak, squeak
Witches he, he, he
Brooms sweep, sweep, sweep
Boiling hot, hot, hot
Dreaming camping, BB guns, bow and arrows
Candy yum, yum, yum
Steal call the police, call the police
Smart Big Brain, Big Brain
Parents MOM’s – stay out of the road – DAD’s – save me the chocolate

Skit ContributorMichael Richard


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