Bear Droppings



The leader is taking his boys on a hike in the woods when he stops suddenly & points to something on the floor. "Looky there, boys. That sure looks like bear droppings."

1st boy reaches down & touches it: "It sure feels like bear droppings, too."

2nd boy smells the stuff: "It sure smells like bear droppings, too."

3rd boy tastes the stuff: "It sure tastes like bear droppings, too."

Leader: "Well, it's a good thing we didn't step in it. C'mon, let's keep hiking." Proceeds to walk off stage.


Just the boys & a leader is all you need, but if you prefer to use real props, then a plate of peanut butter or cookie dough would do well.


Clear an area to act out a hike in progress.

Skit ContributorCarl Schneider


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