The Elephant



This action is similar to a circus show. You have one person
acting like the director. The other three persons cover themselves with the blanket.The first one of them sticks his head into the sweatshirt so that you have one arm in front of the face. It should look like an elephant. So the middle person carries the bucket of water.
Now the director asks a person from the audience to be a volunteer in this show. He is supposed to lay down on the ground and the director shows off and say that the elephant can step over him without stepping on him. SO the elephant does. YOu repeat that with one or two others but at the time the third person crosses the volunteer on the ground the bucket person flips over the bucket and the person gets soaking wet and the director apologizes for the bad bahviour of his elephant.
Have fun! Greetings from the Scouts in Germany.


one blanket, a bucket of water, a sweatshirt and 4



Skit ContributorAndreas Schellmann


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