Match Audition



2 scouts (supposed to be actors) come on stage, where the 3rd scout (supposed to be director) is waiting for them...
Director:what do you want?
2 scouts:we're here to audition
Director: well show me what u do
AUDITION BEGINS (the tone of the convrsation is very dull)
Scout 1:Have you got a match?
Scout 2:no
Scout 1:yes you do
Scout 2:no I don't
Scout 1:I'll shoot you (makes motion as if taking out a gun)
BANG!!!!!! (Scout 2 falls to the floor..)
Director jumps up:what the heck? this is so boring! I want something FUNNY (Repeat, with Scouts acting the same scene Funnier, then Slower, Then Sadder, etc.)Each time the 2 scouts exaggerate the direction.
The skit ends with the director banging his head and kicking them out.


None/need 3 scouts


Practice and memorizing

Skit ContributorZahi Karam


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