Manhole Cover



First scout starts jumping up and down on manhole cover, yelling out "TWENTY TWO" after each jump.

Second scout approaches first scout and watches first scout do this for a moment, then asks "HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?".

First scout stops and replies "JUMPING ON A MANHOLE COVER", and starts jumping and yelling "TWENTY TWO" again.

Second scout interrupts and asks "WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT?".

First scout stops and replies "IT'S LOTS OF FUN, WANT TO TRY IT?".

Second scout shrugs and says "OK, I"M GAME", takes first scout's place and starts jumping and yelling "TWENTY TWO".

First scout sneaks around to the side and pulls the manhole cover away. Second scout drops off stage (or just pretends to fall in screaming). First scout replaces manhole cover, and with a huge grin begins jumping on it and yelling "TWENTY THREE".


A can lid, frisbee, or anything that can resemble a manhole cover


Place the manhole cover in the center of the stage, near the back if possible.

Skit ContributorKen Jones


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