Fools Gold



Assayer sits behind table.
First Boy walks up with a sack of candy (or whatever). He asks the Assayer "Can you tell me what this is and how much it's worth?"
Assayer replies "It's Fool's Gold."
First Miner asks "What'll I do with it?"
Assayer replies "I'll take care of it".
Second Miner walks up with bag "Can you tell me what this is?"
Assayer gives same answer with same results.
Third miner walks up and says "What do you have there?"
Assayer replies "I got dem fools' gold!"


Gold Colored Candy or rocks, one table, a chair and a sign labeled Assayers Office


At least four boys one who is the assayer, one who is the finale and two who deliver the gold

Skit ContributorGlenn Schmitt


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