Bumble Bee Skit



3 Scouts are needed. One is to act real dumb
Scout One and Two are on the stage.

1-Want to play a fun game?
1-Its called Bumble Bee
2-Like the Tuna?
1-No the animal.
1-You be the queen bee, and stand here and go 'Buzz, buzz', while I go out and collect honey. When I come back you say, 'Give it to me' OK?
2-Yeah, Sure.
1-O.K. let's go.
(Scout 1 goes behind stage and drinks water, Runs back up with mouth full)
2-Give it to me.
1-(Spits water in 2's face and runs away)
2-I can't believe I fell for that.I need someone really stupid to fall for it.
(Scout 3 walks on stage. He looks really silly and is to act real dumb)
2-Do you want to play a game?
3-(Says it stupid)Yeah, sure.
2-Its called Bumble Bee
3-(Starts singing Bumble Bee Tuna Song)
2-No, the bug.
2-You be the queen bee,
3-Wait, I wan to be the king bee.
2-O.K. you're the king bee.
2-Stand here and go 'Buzz, buzz', while I go out and collect honey. When I come back you say 'Give it to me' OK?
3-Buzz Buzz.
2-O.K. ready?
(Scout 2 goes behind stage)
3-Moo, Moo
2-(Comes back with mouth full of water)
2(Spits water out)You were supposed to say 'Give it to me'!
3-Give it to me.
(Occurs twice more. on the third time, scout 3 runs off stage and gets a mouth full of water while 2 is off stage)
2-(Spits out water)Give it to me!
3-(Spits water in 2's face)




Make Sure All know their lines

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