Two of the people are standing pretending to play the violin.
Larry and Bubba mosey up and one of them says, "Whatcha doin'?"
Person playing the violin says "We are playing the violin"
Larry: "Hi I'm Larry and this is my cousin BUBBA we're from Arkansas"
Bubba: "Howdy do dah day!"
Larry: "whatcha playin'?"
Violinist: "We are playing Motzart"
Bubba: "Neva' heard o' him"
Violinist: "Here is another piece"
Larry "What's that?"
Violinist: "That is Beethoven"
Bubba: "Neva' heard o' him neither"
Violinist: "Here's another"
Larry: "What's that?"
Violinist: "That's Bach"
Bubba: "We've heard of bak, we hear that one all the time on the farm!"
Then Larry and Buba start running around screaming "bak! bak!" like chickens.


4 people


Two of the people need to be able to speak in an Arkansas accent (Larry and Bubba) and two need to be able to speak properly.

Skit ContributorFerdinand Tretter


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