Ding Dong Ditch



Scout 1:"Hey, do you want to play Ding Dong Ditch?"
Scout 2:"Sure, what house do you want to prank?"
Scout 1:"House 110!"
Scout 2:"But that's the haunted one down on Perry Street!"
Scout 1:"I know, are you chicken?!"
Scout 2:(pretends to peck at the ground like a chicken would)
Scout 1:"You are a chicken! Since you're too scared to go I will!" (goes up to door and knocks, turns around; back facing the door)
Scout 2:"Aren't you scared?"
(Third scout makes noise in box)
Scout 1:"N...n...no...AAAAAHHHHH!"
Scout 3 (comes out of the box)"Weird kids!"


Cardboard box looking like a haunted house with a door showing.


Set the cardboard box up and tape a fake doorbell on it. Have a kid stand inside of it and wait until the signal to come out.

Skit ContributorStephanie Scurka


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