Two Clueless



Scene: Two leaders are talking about “current events” while they are at a camp out.

Leader 1: “Wow, that was a great dinner you cooked. What was it again?”

Leader 2: “Beef stew. Pretty easy, really. Just take potatoes, carrots, onion, celery and beef. Cut them up with a knife and put in a pot.”

Leader 1: “Wait. Cut them with a what?”

Leader 2: “A knife. You know, metal blade sharpened to an edge. Most of the boys use them to whittle or carve.”

Leader 1: “Wow! What a great invention. Here all this time I’ve been using a rock or my hatchet.”

Leader 2: “A Hatchet??!? What’s that?”

Leader 1: “You know, short handle, heavy metal head with a blade. I typically use it to chop small branches or trees.”

Leader 2: “Just like George Washington.”

Leader 1: “Who?”

L2: “George Washington. Didn’t you take history? Could not tell a lie and told his father how he chopped down a cherry tree with his hatchet. General of the Army during the Revolutionary War. Father of our country. First president of the United States.”

L1: “Huh… never heard of him, but like President Bush, I guess, eh?”

L2: “Whoa… PRESIDENT Bush? When did he become president?”

L1: “Uh, back in 2000. Come on! Tell me you didn’t know that!”

L2: “Hmmmm… Nope. Can’t say that I saw that on television.”

L1: “What’s that?”

L2: “Television? Don’t you have television? It’s the box with pictures, channels and a remote control. You use it to watch shows and the news and stuff.”

L1: “I thought that’s what radio was for.”

L2: “Radio? What’s that?”

L1: “You know, radio waves transmitted through the air to a box with dials and a speaker. That’s how I get all the news and current events.”

L2: “Oh, you mean like the space shuttle lift-offs and stuff.”

L1: “Hold on a minute. Space shuttle?”

L2: “Yeah. You know, the shuttle piggy-backs on a rocket, goes to space, orbits the earth and return glides to be launched again.”

L1: “That’s incredible! I never knew! Wow! We’ve come a long way since landing on the moon, haven’t we.”

L2: “Hold on! Are you telling me that we sent people to the moon?”

L1: “Yeah! Like, practically 35 years ago! Neal Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin. Astronauts in a rocket ship launched, landed on the moon and returned.”

L2: “That’s amazing! I didn’t think there was anything more advanced than a jet airplane.”

L1: “Did you say JET airplane?”

L2: “Yeah. Goes high and super fast. You can fly from here to California in under 4 hours.”

L1: “To think, I’ve been driving a car this whole time.”

L2: “What? YOU can drive?”

L1: “Yeah. I got my license when I was 16. I’ve been driving ever since.”

L2: “Amazing! Sounds a lot faster than riding my bike.”

L1: “Bike? What’s a bike?”

L2: “Oh come on, now! Don’t tell me you haven’t got one. You know, two wheels, pedals, chains, a seat and handlebars. It sure makes it easier than walking to work.”

L1: “Huh. Technology is something, isn’t it?”

L2: “I’ll say!”

[Leader 3 can come on scene about now]

Leader 3: “Well, guys. It’s getting late. I’m going to roll up in my sleeping bag and go to sleep.”

Leader 1 and Leader 2 [together]: “Sleeping Bag?!?”


None, just 2 adult leaders that can ham it up. One additional leader for the very end.


This was a sketch I saw on MAD TV and can easily be adapted to a Scout Skit. Definitely ham it up and improve to add other current even items.

Skit ContributorChuck Wolfe


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