King Know-it-all



? King
? Fan person(s)
? Assistant #1
? Assistant #2
? Assistant #3
? Assistant #4
? Assistant #5
? Assistant #6

Asst. #1: K, tomorrow is your wedding anniversary.
K: I know.
Asst. #2: The royal ball is this weekend.
K: I am aware, thank you.
Asst. #3: The king of Rhubarb will be here in a week to discuss foreign policies.
K: I understand.
Asst. #4: The prisoners are to be thrown into the lake tomorrow afternoon.
K: Naturally.
Asst. #5: Your royal mud bath is in 2 hours.
K: I realize that.
Asst. #6: We plan to conquer Rhubarb in 4 weeks.
K: I know. I know. I am Know-it-all! The way you address your K is detestable! I should have you all thrown into the lake!
(K stands up to reveal wearing nothing but underwear and his gown)


King's gown.
Branch to act as a fan.
Desk or something to hide legs of king.


King sits on his royal throne. Fan person(s) to the right/left of K.

Skit ContributorFerdinand Tretter


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