Tree Test



Tree Test
This is a versatile skit which can be used with any number of scouts as a skit or as walk-ons.
What is the double tree? A Pear Tree
What tree is nearest to the sea? A Beach Tree
What is the calendar tree? A Date Tree
What tree will keep you warm? A Fir Tree
What is the Egyptian plague tree? A Locus Tree
What tree do we offer friends when meeting? A Palm Tree
What tree is used in kissing? A Tulip Tree
What tree is the saddest tree? Weeping Willow
What kind of tree do you find in a campfire? An Ash Tree
What kind of tree is best for hanging posters? A Walnut Tree
What kind of tree has the best bark? A Dogwood Tree
What kind of tree is found in a cemetery? A Dead Tree
What kind of tree sees the best? A Buckeye Tree
What tree do you find in a hospital? A Sycamore Tree
What’s the coolest tree to hang-out with? A Poplar Tree
What is the softest tree? A Cottonwood Tree

Contributed by Dave Black, Troop 37, Fairborn, Ohio





Skit ContributorFerdinand Tretter


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