Ralph Lauren



Scout 1 walks in with Scout 2. Scout 2 holds a sock in one hand
Scout 1- Where did you get that sock?
Scout 2- I got it from Ralph Lauren.
Scout 2 exits. Scout 3 and 4 enter. They are carrying a shoe and a shirt.
Scout 1- Where did you get that shoe and shirt?
Scout 3 and 4- Ralph Lauren.
Scout 3 and 4 exit. Scout 5 enters with pants in his hand.
Scout 1- Where did you get those Pants?
Scout 5- Ralph Lauren.
Scout 5 exits and Scout 6 enter with only HIS boxers on.
Scout 1- Why aren't you wearing any clothes?
Scout 6- I'm Ralph Lauren.


A sock, shoe, pants and shirt.


6 scouts participate.

Skit ContributorFerdinand Tretter


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