The Emperor's Raisins



The emperor is sitting on the throne with a two guys on each side of him. The inner guys are fanning the emperor. The outer guys are gaurds, they are holding the sticks like battle axes. The emperor says, "Servants! I am hungry!" So three servants come running in and say in unison, "Yes sir?" The emperor says, "Each of you go get food for me, and if I don't like it you will be beheadded!" So the servants go running. The first one comes back with the platter and says, "Sir I have brought you the best food I know, Shish-kebob." The emperor pretends to eat some, throws the platter to be recovered by the second servant, and orders the guys to behead the servant. Then, the second servant runs in and says, "Sir, I have brought you a cheezeburger."
The emperor tries the burger, throws the platter and tells the guys to behead the servant. Next, the last servant comes in and says, "Sir I have brought you raisins." The emperor tries the raisins, and says, "Man! Theese are good! Keep them comming." So the servant goes to get more raisins. This happens a few times, and the last time the servant comes in and says, "Sir I'm terribly sorry, but, we have no more raisins." The emperor says, "And why not?" the servant says, "Because, my rabbit died.


Chair for the emperor's throne, platter, two large sticks, large fans, maybe a crown.


Skit ContributorJesse Peterson


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