The Duck Skit



The scout behind the table says, "Welcome to my store." The "duck" waddles in squatting, quaking, and flapping his arms. He askes the store owner if he has any duck food.
The store owner answers "no" and the duck walks away disapionted. The store owner (or another scout)says, "Next Day".The duck waddles in again and asks the store owner if he has any duck food. The store owner angrilly yells, "I told you yesterday that we don't sell duck food! If you come back again, I'll nail your beak to my table!" Needless to say, the duck runs away fast. The store owner (or another scout) says, "Next Day." The duck slowly peaks around corners, trees, anything that can hide him. (he can also commando crawl to the table and peak over the top) The duck jumps to the table and yells, "Do you have any nails?" The store owner replies "no" and the duck asks, "Well then, Do you have any duck food?"


A table or other object that can be used as a table, A baseball cap


set up the table with a scout behind it. Another scout puts on the hat and waits off stage (the hat is supposed to look like a duck's bill)

Skit ContributorStephen Denison


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