Three boys are sitting on a bench. Another boy comes on and asks the first boy;

"Wow, I love your pants where did you get them?"
" from jack" says first boy

walking boy comes to the second boy and says

"wwwwow i love your shirt where did you get it?"
"from jack" says second boy

Walking boy comes to the third boy

"oh my word where did you get those shoes?"

"from jack" says the third boy

"wow i got to go to this "jack" says walking boy

last boy comes on with pants rolled up and bare legs, with blanket wrapped around him so he looks like he's in his underwear.

"wow who are you?" says walking boy

"jack" says jack (blanket boy)



a bench, four guys (prefeerably girls), blanket



Skit ContributorFerdinand Tretter


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