Walk-On: Be Prepared



Act 1: The new scout walks out and very seriously holds up the scout sign. When everyone quiets down, he says "Be Prepared"
Act 2: The First Class scoutwalks out and even more seriously holds up the scout sign. Everyone quiets down, he says, "Be Prepared"
Act 3: Eagle scout does same thing even more seriously.
Act 4: All three walk out in order from least decorated to most decorated and hold up the scout sign. Every one quiets down and the scout in the back blows the airhorn. When the audience recovers, one scout (or all three in unison) says, "We told you to Be Prepared!"


An air horn or other loud object, 4 scouts- one with nothing but the uniform (new scout), a first class with some merit badges, a completley decorated Eagle and one more (doesn't have to have a uniform)


The un-uniformed scout walks to the back of the audience with the airhorn.
This skit consists of four acts. Each one happens during a break between other skits.

Skit ContributorStephen Denison


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