The Samaritan



A scout walks out from backstage, stumbles, and falls on his have. He struggles noisily to get up, but
can't seem to get his forehead off the floor. He sometimes succeeds in getting into a position with his
feet and his forehead on the floor, and his bum in the air. He rotates in this position, keepint his forehead
in one place. He calls for help, repeating, "My forehead is stuck!"
As he struggles, other Scouts walk casually past. They ignore him, or look with curiosity, but no one
Finally, a Scout comes running up and heaves the victim to his feet. The victim is extremely grateful, but
the rescuer just stares at the victim's forehead while the victim thanks him. Ignroing the victim, the
rescuer reaches out, plucks something off the victim's forehead, and pops it into his mouth. "Thanks!" he
says, "I knew I'd lost my gum somewhere around here."





Skit ContributorMaynard Ferguson


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