Enlarging Machine



#1: My name is Zacharias Forbe. I am the wonderful inventor of this here wonderful invention, my enlargement machine. Step right up and throw something in to be enlarged.
#2: (throw pebble in)
#4: (throw out log)
#3: Whoa, that's awesome! (throw in pebble)
#4: (throw out big rock)
#1: Now you have it. One more person today will get to try out my wonderful machine. (select a volunteer from the audience, preferably a leader. don't let him/her see the cup of water)
#1: Doesn't look like you have anything to throw in. [If he says he does, tell him, the machine won't work with it] I have an idea, just spit into it.
Volunteer: spit behind the sheet
#4: Throw cup of water at volunteer


Sheet, Cup of water, pebble, big rock, twig, log, 5 scouts


Have 1 scout holding up the sheet, 1 scout hiding behind the sheet with the big rock, cup of water, and log, have 1 scout standing in front of the sheet, and two scouts standing aside, one holding the twig and the other holding the pebble.
#1 is scout in front of sheet
#2 is first scout standing aside
#3 is second scout standing aside
#4 is scout hiding behind curtain
Scout holding sheet doesn't do anything

Skit ContributorFerdinand Tretter


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