The Sound Sleeper



Begining: Scouts asleep; snoring

Bell rings, P.L. shouts "wake up or miss breakfast!"

Scouts: Wake up, yawn, get up; hurry off stage excitedly

Unwakeable: lies there, snoring

Patrol Leader: Walks onto stage, says "Come on Jeremy, wake up!" in hasty voice

Unwakeable: snores

PT: "Come on, Come on, Come on. Come On! Come on" in a taunting, chanting voice.

U: snores

PT: "Come On!!!!!" in irritated, angry tone.

U: grunts a snore; resumes snoring.

PT: Pulls out whistle, blows into whistle

U: Snores

PT: Storms off stage, frustrated.

Returns with drum and drum mallet
Begins Druming and chanting "Wake up, wake up, wake up!"
Since nothing happens, puts drum on ground near head (not too close) and drums a certian rythm

U: snores to this rythm

PT: Goes off stage again, returns with plate and fork.

Scapes fork against plate, making a hideous noise.

U: Snores

PT: Grunts and says "I give up! Sleep you slug!!!"
Lays plate and fork on table, fork on edge of table so that it is about to fall off.

U: When fork does fall off, snoring becomes very disturbed and the unwakeable suddenly sits up. "Wha, wha, wha, what happened?"

PT: spins around, stares at U unbeleivably, slaps his hand against his forehead, screams ("Agggghrrrr!"), and falls down.


Sleeping Bags
fork and plate
curtian for hiding props (makes it more surprising and humorous)
small table
cement stage


sleeping bags on ground
(the Unwakable inside far right one)

curtain set up - equipment in easy reach

Characters (besides Unwakable)


Patrol Leader

Skit ContributorEric Whitaker


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