The Enlarging Machine



The salesman welcomes the audience members. He says "Ladies & Gentleman, I am here to sell you this wonderful enlarging machine. You can throw anything in it and it will come out bigger" He tosses in the small rope and the scouts behind the tarp bang on the pots & pans with the spoons and then throw out the large rope. The process continues with the small stick and the small bowl. The non-believer stands up and says, "I don't believe you." To which the salesman replies, "You pick something to throw into the machine and watch it enlarge." He looks around the audience and grabs the baby doll and says, "What about this baby." The scout who was holding the baby starts chasing him and yelling, "No, not my baby!!!" The non-believer tosses the baby doll into the enlarging machine. A scout that had been behind the tarp wearing the "diaper" comes out the other end and runs to the Scoutmaster (or other adult) and starts yelling, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!!"


tarp, small rope, large rope, small stick, large stick, small bowl, large bowl, numerous pots & pans, large spoons, baby doll wrapped in a towel, and a large towel to put around a scout as a diaper.


2 adults (or tall scouts) will hold up the tarp. Behind the tarp will be all but 3 scouts with the numerous pots & pans & large spoons.
One scout will be in the audience (the non-believer). The second scout will be in the audience holding the babydoll. The other scout will be the salesman.

Skit ContributorKarmin, ASM Troop 970 Works


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