The Motorcycle Shop



The motorcycle dealer introduces himself and his shop. He stocks many types of motorcycles, and they
are all in excellent condition. In fact, he will demonstrate how good the are by making a sale to the next
customer who walks in the door.
First, of course, he needs some volunteers from the audience. Three are selected, and each is briefed
quickly as he comes to the front. (Choose scapegoats who have similar characteristics to the
motorcycle they will represent.) The first is to go slowly when started. The second will go cery fast,
almost losing its rider. The third should not go anywhere. The are lined up on their hands and knees
facing the audience. Now, says the dealer, you can see what fine motorcycles I have.
A Scout walks in and asks if he has any motorcycles for sale. Of course, the dealer is eager to show his
This is a Smith (use the person's name.) It's only 200 cc's, but a nive little machine. The dealer makes
his sales pitch and invites the buyer to go for a ride. The buyer straddles the Smith, raises himself up and
mimics using the kick starte. The buser makes motorcycle noises, not very energetically. He 'rided'
(straddles and walks) teh Smith around in a slow circle, returning to the starting point. That's too slow,
says the buyer. Do you have something a little more powerful?
The next motorcycle is a 1000cc Yablonski. Again the buyer climbs on and operates the kick starter.
The Yablonski roars to life and races around in a circle. The buyer can barely hold on. That's way too
fast! I could kill myself riding that hawg!
The deale says he thinks he has just the right thing, a Jones he recently received on a trade-in. It's in
good condition and has about the right power. The buyer climbs on and tries to start it. He makes
sputtering noises after each kick, but it won't start. After several tries, he complains that something just
isn't right because the Jones won't start. He gets off and stand looking at the motorcycle.
The dealer yells angrily to Joe, who is offstage. I thought I told you to put gas in the Jones!
Joe replies, Sorry boss! I'll do it right now! Joe runs in before Jones figures out what is going on, and
poors a bucket of water or a gas can of water on Jones' rear end.


A bucket of water. (Isn't that standard for all scout skits?)



Skit ContributorMaynard Ferguson


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