Green Door Knobs



(Buyer pantomimes knocking on Realtors office)
Realtor: Come in
(Buyer Walks in)
Buyer: I want a haunted house
Realtor: A haunted house?
Buyer: Yep, and it has to have Green door knobs, dust, and an echo. It must have an echo.
Realtor (leading the Buyer back "outside" and shaking his hand):I have just the thing. Come back later and I can show it to you.
(Buyer leaves. Realtor paces back and forth scratching his chin)
Realtor: Hmmm, I can paint the door knobs, scatter dust around the house, but where am I going to get an echo?
(Echo 1 walks by)
Realtor: Hey, want to make $1?
Echo 1: Sure
Realtor: Go stand over there.
(Echo 1 stands to the side. Echo 2 walks by.)
Realtor: Hey, want to make some money?
Echo 2: You bet
Realtor: Go stand over there.
(Echo 2 stands to the side. Mort walks by.)
Realtor: Hey, want to make some money?
Mort (acting goofy): Hay is for horses
Realtor: Yeah, right. Want to make a quarter?
Mort : A quarter of what?
Realtor: How about a dime?
Mort (enthusiastic): Yeah
(Everyone leaves stage and Realtor and Buyer come back on.)
Realtor (Pointing): As you can see it has dust and green door knobs.
Buyer: But what about my echo?
Realtor: Lets try it. Hello....
Echo1 (off stage): Hello...
Echo2 :Hello...
Mort: duh, Howdy
Realtor : Lets try that again. Whats your name....
Echo1: Whats your name....
Echo2: Whats your name...
Mort: duh, Mort
Realtor (Trying to recover, clears his throat): Uhhh, What do you want...
Echo1: What do you want...
Echo2: What do you want...
Mort: I want my dime!!!
Mort, echoes and buyer chase realtor off stage.




Five actors:
Realtor-Older, he has almost all the lines
2 echoes
"Mort"- a goofball
The words don't have to be exact, as long as they have the sense

Skit ContributorFerdinand Tretter


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