The important papers



A maffia boss is (sitting or standing) eagar for important papers...
MAFIA BOSS: Alright gentelmen, lets hope we find what we are looking for. Send in number 1! [Number 1 walks on set with regular computer paper]
NUMBER 1: Here are your important papers sir.
MAFFIA BOSS: These aren't the important papers! Gaurds [2 Gaurds rise to attention] take hime away! [Gaurds walk tword Number 1 and drag him off the set. Number 1 is begging for mercy]REPEAT ANOTHER TIME BUT USE THE NAME NUMBER 2!!
MAFFIA BOSS: Well, this is the last victim...I mean visitor. Send in Number 3! [Number 3 walks in with tolite paper]
NUMBER 3: Here are your important papers sir. [hands tolite paper to the boss]
MAFFIA BOSS: [hapily Shouting] Finally the important papers!! [Throws paper into audiance with excitement] THE END


tolite paper, regular computer paper, 6 actors
Optional: Chair


No special preperation needed

Skit ContributorFerdinand Tretter


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