first, you must ask for two volunteers from the audience. when they come up ask them to each hold up one of the towels. now have your customer walk into the store. he asks you for a chocolate bar and you reply by saying "sorry we don't have any chocolate bars". The customer seems disapointed so he asks for a soda. You reply by saying,"sorry we don't have any soda". Again the customer is disapointed so he asks for some gummy bears. you again answer him by saying "sorry we don't have any gummy bears". the customer is now very angry and asks" what do you have in here?" you say " all I have are these two suckers" and point to the people holding up the towels


2 towels


you will need 2 actors( a grocery store cashier and a costomer) and 2 volunteers who do not know anything about the skit

Skit ContributorFerdinand Tretter


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