a scout tells the audience that they are at ww2, somewhere in the french treches, and the americans arwe in a firefight with the germans.  
there are three scouts on eachside, three being american and three being german.  
american 1: men, we have to find out how to get the germans into the open.  
american 2: how about we call out german names until one of them stands up?  
american 3: sounds good.  
american 1: hey bill! bill! darn, i dont think that one worked.  
american 2: how about pieere?  
american 1: pierre! pierre! that one didnt work either.  
american 3: i know! hans!  
american 1: hans! hey hans!  
german 1 stands up, waving, gets mowed down immediatly.  
narrorrator tells audience that hans has somehow survived.  
american 1: hey, lets try the name thing again. hans! hans!  
hans again stands up, only to get mowed down once again.  
narrarator tels crowd that hans has once again survived.  
german 1: we need to get the americans back for this. well use there tactics against them.  
german 2: hey udo! udo! thats not very american i dont think.  
german 1: how about john? JOHN! JOHN!  
american one calls back, "hey hans, is that you?"  
hans stands up, waving and yelling, only to get blown away again.  


6 scouts



Skit ContributorAlex Wastian


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