Important Papers



King: Fetch me my royal papers!
Paper Carrier 1: Here you are, king. (hands him notebook)
King: These are not my important papers. Throw him in the dungeon! Will someone please fetch my important papers?
Paper Carrier 2: Here you are, my Liege. (hands king a flyer)
King: These are not the right papers. Throw him in the dungeon. Get me my papers!
Paper Carrier Three: King! King! I have your royal papers! (He runs on with a kleenex, but before he reaches the king, he blows his nose into it)
King: Kill him.
(then, paper carrier 4, who is seated in the audience, launches the toilet paper at the king.)
King: Thank you, kind man.


A notebook, a flyer of some sort, a kleenex, and a roll of toilet paper. 1 scout as a king, 2 guards, and 4 paper carriers.



Skit ContributorAlex Wastian


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