King Siam



Choose one scout to be King Siam. King Siam will have 3 handmen.
King-Handmen! Go in the audince and find people to enlighten!
The Handmen choose one person each out of the audince and brings them to the stage.
King-You have been chosen to be enlightend! Now follow what I do.
(Make sure the people that were chosen do this)
King- AWHA! (shoot your arms down to the ground)
(they do the same thing)*Wait 5 seconds
King- TAGOOSE! (shoot your arms out in front of you)
(they do the same thing)*Wait 5 seconds
King- IAM! (shoot your arms above your head)
After you get through that, start to do it faster and faster till they can understand what the enlightment is. If you haven't figured it out it's A WHAT A GOOSE I AM!


a crown (a paper crown will do)



Skit ContributorCraig Kantor


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