Is It Time Yet



The six scouts are seated side by side on a bench, and appear to be dozing. The scout at one end has a watch.
The scout at the opposite end "awakens", leans over to the scout next to him and asks, "Is it tahm, yet?" The second scout leans to the next scout and asks him, "Is it tahm, yet?". This continues to the last scout, who spits, and says, "nope". The "nope" is passed down the line to the first scout. They all return to dozing.
The same question is repeated down the line a few more times, with the same "spit, nope" response.
Finally, the scouts spits and says "yup".
After the "yup" is passed back up the line, they all look at each other, yawn, and lift their right legs off their left, and switch, placing left over right. Then they all doze off again.


Something to sit on.


Five or six scouts sit as if on a bench, with
legs outstretched, right leg over left, arms folded across chest, eyes closed, heads nodding.

Skit ContributorChris Wolfe


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