Puppy in the Box



AN announcer, Scout 1 2 3.
Announcer: This scene takes place outside a supermarket on some idle tuesaday. (Then exits)
Scouts 2 and 3 are standing in the middle of your area.
Scout 1: Walks in holding the box with the dog inside.
Says: Hey dudes, can you chill with my box for a sec, I need to get some doughnuts.
Scouts 2 and 3: Sure man.
Scout1 hands them the box and walks off.
Scout 2: I wonder whats whats in the box dude.
Scout 3: I dunno, but something yellow is leaking out man.
Scout 2 swipes his finger under the box, licks it and says It tastes like lemon soda to me dude.
Scout 3 does the same and says, Na man, its more like chicken soup.
Scout 1 reenters and takes his box and says: Thanks for holding my box dudes, then opens the lid and pulls out a dog, cat, etc. and says: YOU NAUGHTY PUPPY etc.


A box, a stuffed dog or cat etc. 4 people.



Skit ContributorFerdinand Tretter


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