Aquatics Sumo



Skit begins with the two swimming trunk-clad scouts running out to the stage area with arms holding their rescue float to their body...kind of squat and look serious. One lifeg--uh, sumo stomps his foot and grunts and the other one replies in the same manner. Each sumo grabs a pretend handful of salt (in the sumo tradition) and tosses it. The match is ready to begin, and where you take it from here is up to your imagination!


2 Lifeguard's rescue float tubes...the vinyl-covered foam kind with the straps and buckles.


This one was spontaneously created on a dock at a National Camp School session for the aquatics certification trainees by David Neel and Tim Haley. Requires 2 swimming trunk-clad scouts (funniest if actual lifeguards are used so everyone will recognize them.)

Skit ContributorBert Morris


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