Retired Scoutmaster



A scout drapes the blanket around his shoulders, hunches over, and leaning on his staff, slowly walks across the stage. A group of boys run up to him and pretend to beat him up until he falls to the floor. Then they run away. A voice offstage says, "An old man in the city."

Repeat the above, and after the boys run away, the voice says, "An old man in the country."

When the group of boys attacks the man again, he swings into action, using his staff like a ninja with a few karate yells thrown in. He stops when all of the boys are unconscious on the floor. He then puts his blanket around his shoulders and walks offstage using his staff.

The voice offstage says, "Retired Scoutmaster."


A blanket and a tall staff or walking stick.



Skit ContributorJoyce S. Harrell


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