Will you hold this box.



Scout sitting in the chair is approached by another scout carrying a box. Scout with box asks seated scout "will you hold this box for me". Seated scout says "yes", as other scout exits to other side of stage seated scout holds up box with a look as though the box has a leak. Scouts off stage enter on at a time and sit by seated scout and ask "what's in the box", not knowing he shrugs and says "I don't know". The scout without box the wipes the corner of the box with the leak tastes it and says "taste like the water at school", then he exits. Next scout enters and does the same except says taste like ????? (what ever they want ie. bug juice at scout camp). After all scouts have come across stage first scout with box comes back to get box, thanking holder, he holds up box looking at leak and proclaims, "bad puppy".


2 chairs and a medium size box


Place chairs side by side as if there were a park bench. One scout in one of the chairs, all others off stage.

Skit ContributorDennis McKenzie


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