The Surprise



Narrator: Here we have Papa Joe.
(Papa Joe is the scoutmaster. Papa Joe raises
his hand to show who he is played by.)
Narrator: We also have his 12 kids,(each raises hand as
their name is called out)Billy-Bob, Mojo, Jim,
Sinkfree and Roy.
Sinkfree & Roy: (stand)We are Sinkfree and Roy. POOF!!!!
Narrator: Josh, the twins George and George, Daniel,
Mohamed, David, and little Sammo The Small.
Billy-Bob:(runs up to Papa Joe and throws a fit because he
wants his surprise.)
Papa Joe[PJ]:(argues with Billy-Bob because it is not ready
yet. He finally gives in and gives him a Popsicle stick.)
Billy-Bob: A stick! A lowsy stick!
This goes on with the next 10 kids in this order:
Mojo: Oooo woopy a stupid stick.
Jim: I don't believe this can't you afford a new bike or
Sinkfree & Roy: What?! How are we supposed to do magic with
a couple of dumb sticks?
Josh: Oh wow maybe my G.I.Joes can blow it up.
The Georges: We demand more than a stick.
PJ: Too bad.
Daniel: Oh c'mon!!!!!
Mohamed: I can't revive a long lost religion with only a
David: This is the worst surprise i have ever got.
Sammo The Small[SS]: Daddy can I have my surprise now?
PJ: It's not ready yet.
SS: Okay, but will you call me when it is?
PJ: Sure.(SS walks away)Oh Sammo it's ready.
SS: (SS runs over to PJ) So I can have it now?
PJ: You sure can.(PJ gives SS the popsicle)
SS: Wow thanks for the popsicle dad!
PJ: You see patience pays off.
SS: What's patience?


1 chair, 1 ice chest, 11 plain popsicle sticks, and 1 Popsicle


Scoutmaster sits in the chair, 12 kids sit on the ground in a group playing around like little kids

Skit ContributorJoshua Wiederkehr


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