John Dar shot a B'ar



Line up with leader on end. Tells all to do as he does and pass along action/words to next in line.
1.Leader: "John Dar shot a B'ar".
Next in line asks: "W'ar?"
Leader: "Over thar" and points left with right arm and holds it there.
Continue down the line.
2.Leader:"John Dar shot a B'ar".
Next in line: "W'ar?" "over thar" and points right with left arm.
3. Same dialogue with final motion crouching in a squat when saying "over thar".
4. Lastly, when leader says "over thar" he bumps into the next in line which will topple the entire line like dominoes.


4 or 5 people plus leader



Skit Contributorrobert mull


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