The Outhouse



4 - 6 scouts are needed. The 1st scout sits on the chair pretending to be in an outhouse reading a newspaper (note: keep the grimmacing and noises to a minimum). He falls off and stays under the chair. 2 to 4 other scouts come in and use the outhouse (keep it in good taste) while the 1st scout remains under the chair. The last scout comes in to use the outhouse and notices the 1st scout under the chair and says "What are you doing under there". The scout replies, "I don't know, I guess I fell in here". The last scout says, "Well how long have you been there", and the 1st scout replies, "I dont' know but I've seen many moons".


A chair (pretending to be an outhouse)


Reherse the parts

Skit ContributorNathaniel Kloer


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