This Little Kids Gotta Go Whee



Kids are pretending they are hiking and going
around in a circle. He last person in line
tugs on the person in front and whispers into
his ear, I gotta go whee! (just loud enough
so the audience can hear. Each child repeats
until it gets to the leader. He turns around
and says, "not now, wait till we stop."

Repeat 3 or 4 times, on the last message, the
leader gives permission for the kid to go.
The kids stop and it is repeated back to the
end of the line that he can now go "whee".
The boy at the end of the line gets out of
line with much excitement, throws hands in the
air and shouts, "WHEEEEEE, WHEEEEE, WHEEEEE"
and then calmly gets back in line and they
all walk off stage.


none 5-6 scouts in a line pretending they
are hiking.



Skit ContributorLeah Hubbard


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