Setting: A Cub Scout happens across a set of tracks on the ground and tries to identify them.

First scout enters and notices a set of tracks on the ground. He scratches his head.

1st Scout: "Hmmm…... A set of tracks. I wonder what kind of tracks these are."

A second scout enters and looks down to the ground.

2nd Scout: "What are you looking at?"

1st Scout: "I found this set of tracks here and I'm trying to figure out what kind they are. I think they're wolf tracks."

2nd Scout: "Nope, you're wrong. They look like bear tracks to me."

1st Scout: "No, they're wolf tracks!"

2nd Scout: "No, they're bear tracks!"

The two scouts then begin to argue about what kind of tracks they are.

A train (three or more scouts acting like a train) enters and runs the two scouts over.

The scouts stand up and dust themselves off.

1st Scout: "Humph!……I guess they were railroad tracks!"






Skit ContributorFerdinand Tretter


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