The Motorcycle Gang and the Tent Built for One



Scout #1: Well, here we are at the campsite. This tent (pretending to open a tent flap) is only big enough for one and that's me, so you can enjoy the stars tonight.  
(Two scouts bicker for a second before scout #1 goes into the tent and scout #2 lays down on the ground. Both go to sleep. The motorcycle gang comes out and beats up the guy on the ground. Scout #1 comes out of the tent to find out about the noise but the gang has already left.)  
Scout #2: (In pain, on the ground) I got beat up. I'm hurting. Let me get the tent.  
Scout #1: No, you weren't. It was a bad dream. Go back to sleep.  
(They both go back to sleep and the motorcycle gang beats up the guy on the ground again. Scout #2 comes out but misses gang again.)  
Scout #2: I got beat up again. Let me have the tent.  
Scout #1: OK, if you're going to be a baby. (They trade places.) Now go to sleep and don't bother me again.  
(They go to sleep. The motorcycle gang comes again but stops at Scout #1 on the ground.)  
Gang member: Wait! We've got the guy on the ground long enough. Let's beat up the guy in the tent.  
(They beat up Scout #2 again.)


Enough scouts to play a motorcycle gang and two more after that


Two scouts are on stage, gang is off on side and out of sight

Skit ContributorNick M


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