Rudolph the Red



The scene is old Russia during the last Czar's reign.

Nicholas and Alexandra get in a heated argument after peering out ther window one morning after rising:

Nic: "Look's like rain today, to me."

Alex: "Darling, you never could tell the weather very well, it looks like snow to me!"

This banter goes on a while getting louder and more energetic until Nicholas exclaims,"I'll go check with the little Commie weather man they call Rudolph the Red!!"

Alex: "Sure, whatever you think is best, but be sure to dress for snow!"

Nicholas finds Rudolph asks him for the forcast. Rudolph consults his weather rock, throws some dirt in the air, licks his finger, then holds it up (whatever the scout can come up with) Rudolph then exclaims to the Czar," After lengthly meteoralogical study, I believe the forcast is for rain"

Nic: "A ha! I knew it. Now I'll go tell Alexandra that she was wrong!"

Nicholas returns and exclaims to Alex the answer which Rudolph gave.

Alex says," What does the little Commie know. He was wrong about the drought, it didn't come. He was wrong about the wind, it did not blow. He was wrong about meteor shower, there weren't even stars." Then she exclaims very clearly, "Just what does Rudolph really know?"

Nicholas " All of Russia insists Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear!"


Perhaps a tripod with a weather rock and three characters


Practice the lines

Skit ContributorJohn Rhodes


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