Coffin Maker



Get a lucky volunteer with long pants and tell him your going to measure him for a coffin.
Lay him down on the floor, and put the blanket over him. (Be sure he can't watch you.)
Then act like your measuring him for a coffin. However, make a joke out of it. Measure his ears.. One scout says this ear is 3 inchs long the other scout says... This ear is 6 inchs long. Then do the say with 2 other body parts. Always making one body part longer than the other.
When you get to his legs have him lift his first leg and measure it... Then lift his other leg and take a small glass of water (Only a few ounces) and pour it down his pant leg... Then run!


Blanket, small cup of water and 1 volunteer with long pants.


Skit ContributorTom Clark


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