Superhero Hall of Fame



Have the boys line up in front of the audence with Aquaman on the end. Call your "helpers" up out of the audence and tell them that they will be going through a superhero hall of fame. As you go down the line, tap or hit each boy to start. The boy will impersonate the charactor; Superman acts as if he was flying, The Flash as if he was running, so forth down the line. At the end of the line, Aquaman gets tapped, but does nothing. You turn to the leader and ask him to help you. You both pump his arms as if you were at an old fasioned well. Aquaman then turns to the leader and sprays him in the face with water.
Then you RUN and hope that the scoutleader is slower!!!


Several boyscouts (superheros), two volunteers (one preferably a scoutleader), and a cup of water.


Prior to the skit, tell the boys that they will be impersonating superheros in a hall of fame. Let them pick out superheros to impersonate, but the last one must be aquaman. Backstage, just before walking out, have aquaman take a gulp of water and have him hold it in his mouth.

Skit ContributorDrew Dauster


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