The Bum in the Bus Station



The other players come in and sit on the chairs or bench and pretend to read newspapers or magazines, as if waiting for busses.

The bum comes in, sits on the floor/ground by one end of the bench or row of chairs and starts to scratch himself. After a few seconds the person sitting at the end also starts to scratch, then gets up and leaves.

The bum then sits on the end of the bench or the vacated chair and continues to scratch. The person next to him starts to scratch, then gets up and leaves. This repeats until the bench or all the chairs are empty.

Then the bum lies down on the bench.


Bench or four or five chairs.
Newspapers or magazines
Bum and four or five others


Set up the bench or chairs, have someone announce the skit by title.

Skit ContributorThe Unknown Scout


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